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Ne'er was it easy. Hidden from the world for so many years, he
hadn't the chance for a 'normal' childhood. Not that that was ever
an option. Born of one of the most infamous men of his time, he had
to be hidden from the masses lest they make an attempt on his life to
get to his father.

He would never have the chance to play with other children. At
least not until his sister was born. By then though, he was already
walking, and so it followed that he was already being trained. Barely
out of diapers, and already being taught to sneak about and hide in
the shadows so as to avoid the gaze of others. Soon he was even being
taught to weild a weapon. Still small, holding a dagger as though it
were a two-handed sword, he would strike and thrust at the trees, all
the while his father barking instructions and he learned fast. Between
his natural gifts for learning, and the diligent training regimin his father
was putting him through, he was quickly becoming a skilled fighter.

By the time he had reached the ripe old age of 5, he was being taught
to hunt. At first, he would be sent after smaller things, often squirrels,
pheasants, or dragonflies. His skill progressed quickly and he soon moved
up to larger beasts such as deer and buffalo. Before long, the hunting
became less of a means of training. It was more of a chore and he would
be sent out daily to bring home meats for dinner. He enjoyed it though
and would always kill much more than he brought home for the table.

By his seventh year, it became obvious that he could no longer be kept
a secret. He no longer found much challenge in the simple training and
hunting that he did at home and began to sneak off through the forest to
the cities. His parents discovered him sneaking off immediately, but they
knew that it was inevitable. Rather than try to keep him confined to their
home, they instead warned him of the dangers of the cities and the people
and creatures therein. He was taught to keep to himself and not speak of
his history or ancestry lest he be put in greater danger. He understood
and followed their instructions as he always had. And so began his
adventures in the cities of Lensmoor.......

For now....