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My eyeswatch!

This site is dedicated to a character I play on a mud called Lensmoor. I have quotes and poems in the quotes and poetry sections. Even if you don't mud you'll like the poetry and quotes and stories. Lensmoor is the best mud, mush or moo out there. It is totally free! It's an rpg! Roleplay is encouraged and pk is limited. Did I mention free? There are many clans two continents full of unique areas, and a great story to further encourage role play and pk. Play a role, kill other players, explore and adventure in this midevil fantasy realm for free. It's based in a midevil time and there are many races to choose from. Dragons, liches, trolls, tautha, shapeshifters, angels, demons, and knaeli are all available for remort. Start as Human, Sidhe, Quickling, Gnome, Sprite, Ent, Selkie and Haikjadeam on Lensmoor or choose an Antrippan race on the evil continent. You can be Louryl, Cyclops, Orc, Alaemn, Skulks, Xorrto, Arachnaia and Gandor. It's great! The hottest mud out! It's free! Check out my site and theirs at port 3500 They were the featured mud on mudservices forever! No other mud mush moo muck can compare! Free of extreme adult themes, though lots of adults play this free game! If you like muds, mucks, moos, or mushes if you like rpg games if you like to role play online or just roleplaying in general if you like player killing or pk as it's known or just killing in general or maybe you just want to kill time if you like free games or hot games or just like to game then check out the hottest midevil fantasy roleplaying mud on the net! It's Lensmoor ( or port 3500 log on and enjoy the hottest mud on the net for free! Come and mud with us, roleplay with us, kill player characters or pk with us, all for free on Lensmoor! While your here don't forget to check out my poems and quotes in the quotes and poetry sections. The quotes are credited and poetry is original!